Why you need professional headshots. Image of Melbourne author David Sornig

Why you need professional headshots | branding portraits.

Why you need professional headshots | branding portraitsWhether you’re at the top of your game or just starting out, changing direction or shooting for bigger goals, your personal brand is critical to your success. To build your personal brand, you need professional headshots – also known as branding portraits.

In the digital age, you are who Google says you are. If a prospect or employer were to Google you today, what would they see? An iPhone selfie? A woefully out-of-date headshot? A happy-snap from your sister’s birthday party? Or will they find a smart, up-to-date headshot that shows them who you are and what you represent?

What does your online image say about you?

Why you need professional headshots | branding portraits. Image shows professional blonde woman in a white shirt.
Jess wanted a photo that portrayed her as professional and competent, yet friendly and approachable.

Like it or not, people judge. And, with only your online image to go by, that’s what they’ll base their judgement on.

Investing in yourself and your personal brand shows others that you take your career or business seriously. It shows a level of commitment to your professional life, and that you are willing to invest time and capital into creating a personal brand. A well-crafted headshot or series of professional portraits can offer clues to your profession or business. It can show you in action, whether that means delivering a speech or a personal training session, or treating a patient or client.

Why you need professional headshots. Image of yoga instructor.
Opt for a variety of shots that say something about what you do. A good photographer will offer a pre-shoot consultation to find out who you are. Shot on location at Gertrude St Yoga.

To avoid a cookie-cutter corporate portrait, look for a photographer who takes time to discover your story. Your photographer should ask questions about what you do, and how you would like to be portrayed.

Keep it fresh.

Why you need professional headshots | branding portraits. David Sornig
Opt for a variety of photographs to avoid image fatigue. This photo is part of a portfolio of images.

Keeping your online photographs up-to-date is important. If you’re still using a professional headshot from two years ago, it’s time to change it up. Photos have a maximum shelf life on social media of one to two years – less if they are heavily used in a campaign. The more exposure your photos have, the less impact they will have, the less your audience will engage with them, and the less effective your campaigns will be.

Besides, none of us looks the same today as we did three years ago. Facebook loves to remind us of this fact daily, with those random memories that they invite us to share. Keep your photographs fresh and relevant for maximum impact by updating them at least every two years.

Where can you use your professional headshots?

Why you need professional headshots | branding portraits. LinkedIn profile.
Professional headshots | branding portraits are ideal for LinkedIn.

To have brand credibility as a professional or entrepreneur, you need a great personal brand. Headshots|Branding Portraits are ideal for showcasing ‘Brand You’ across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. They can be used on your website’s home and about pages, on business cards, and other online and printed marketing material. They can be used to accompany articles you’ve written, or those written about you such as the article below from Scribe Publishing.

Why you need professional headshots | branding portraits. Scribe Publishing, David Sornig

For a relatively small (and tax deductible) investment, Lens and Pen Group can create professional headshots that will stand out from the crowd. Your shoot can take place at a CBD location of your choice (subject to suitability) or in the studio.

You can opt for a single photograph with the option to purchase more from your private online gallery, or go for a full branding session with multiple outfit changes. Hair and make-up is also available.

Select from one of our packages, or contact us to discuss a custom option.



Why you need professional headshots. Image of entertainer Cat Pahljina.
Entertainer Cat Pahljina

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