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What are Branding Portraits?

Branding Portraits Case Study: Elizabeth Diacos | Melbourne Academic Coach.

What are branding portraits, exactly? To have brand credibility as a professional or entrepreneur, you need a great personal brand. Your potential clients or employers will research you online before they approach you. And, like it or not, we are who Google says we are.

With that in mind, your online image is often your first chance to make a great impression. Your online image should reflect what you offer your potential clients. It should exude confidence, uniqueness, and offer some clue to your profession. Most of all, it should be genuine.

Elizabeth is a Melbourne-based academic success consultant, or life coach. Having just launched her consulting business, Larksong Enterprises, she approached the Lens and Pen Group for branding portraits. Elizabeth wanted a variety of headshots to use on her LinkedIn profile, her Facebook page, and on her newly refurbished website. She wanted a variety of consistently branded shots to use across different platforms.

As soon as I spoke with Elizabeth on the phone, I started to get a mental picture of how I would photograph her. Her area of expertise is in coaching young people who are either entering their final year of secondary school, or embarking on tertiary study. Elizabeth wanted to look friendly and approachable, but also professional. She also wanted her branding to subtly hint at academia, without being too obvious.

Melbourne branding portraits photographer

Branding Portraits | Selecting a Location.

Elizabeth was so warm and effervescent on the phone, I knew a studio shoot would not suit her personality. We selected a location in Melbourne’s Arts Precinct as a starting point, and met there early in the morning. The early morning light was lovely and warm – ideal for a natural light photo shoot.

As we moved around and Elizabeth began to relax in front of the camera, we found the perfect backdrop. It was a public building with bluestone walls, partly covered in Boston Ivy. It looked like it could have been a university building!

Just as we were about to switch locations, she commented on the light that was coming through the water spray of the sprinklers on the lawn. She asked to have a photo taken in front of the spray, and it turned out to be here favourite photo of them all.

Branding Portraits | Outfit Selection

Melbourne branding portraits photography

In selecting an outfit, colour was an important consideration. We didn’t want anything too austere and academic. Elizabeth’s background is in art, so we wanted to highlight her creative side and also show off that gorgeous auburn hair.

All colours have meanings associated with them. The colour associated with learning is blue. Blue is also a calming colour. It invites trust, and most people like it. Blue ticked all the boxes in terms of what it represented, and how flattering it was to Elizabeth’s colouring.

Clients often request outfit changes for branding portraits sessions, and I encourage it. In this case, Elizabeth was running to a tight schedule, so we stuck to the one outfit.

Branding Portraits are Tax Deductible.

All of Elizabeth’s photos were edited in both colour and black and white. They were delivered to her in a format that is suitable for online use and for small prints.

Best of all, they are a legitimate business expense, and therefore tax deductible.

If you’d like to find out more about how branding portraits can enhance your online image and brand, contact the Lens and Pen Group today for a confidential chat.


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