Copywriting Prices and Services.

Copywriting prices

Copywriting prices can be confusing to figure out. Most copywriters quote an hourly rate, but that’s not helpful unless you know how many hours it might take to achieve what you want. So, how do you estimate what your job’s going to cost you?

Whether you’re looking for someone to overhaul your entire web content, write a media release or bio, ghost-write a blog or simply write the occasional newsletter, the Lens and Pen Group offers professional, reliable service and transparent pricing. Check out some of our recent work.

If it’s web page content you’re after, we’ve kept it simple with four website copywriting packages to choose from. If our packages don’t suit, let us know and we can provide a customised quote for you.

Other services are more difficult to estimate until we’ve seen a brief. A media release, for example, can take anywhere between half an hour and three hours to write. It all depends on the complexity of the subject matter, whether or not we need to conduct interviews, and how many revisions are requested. The following services are charged at a rate of $90 per hour. We will provide an estimate up-front, and a firm quotation once a written brief is supplied:

  • biographies
  • media releases
  • social media captions
  • blogging
  • newsletters
  • editorials
  • journalism
  • speeches
  • script writing
  • editing
  • feature writing
  • proofreading

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