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Content Development and Writing.

We live in an era of information overload. Bombarded with so many messages, we simply can’t absorb them all, and so we filter as a coping mechanism. Anything that fails to grab our attention within the first few lines, anything with sloppy spelling or an unclear message – click and it’s gone!

As a business owner or professional, this can be frustrating. You’re told that content is king, and you must keep producing it and sharing it in order to get noticed by Google. The ability to get a message across quickly and clearly has never been more critical, yet few people are equipped with the skills or time to feed the ravenous information monster.

Whether you’re looking for someone to take the reins and overhaul your entire web content, or simply to write the occasional blog or newsletter, the Lens and Pen Group offers professional, reliable service. To keep things simple, we’ve created 3 website copywriting packages for you to choose from. If our packages don’t suit, let us know and we can customise a package just for you.

Professional Head Shots and Personal Branding Sessions.

Melbourne branding portraits
Portrait of Cat Pahljina, entertainer

With a growing need for professionals to create a polished online profile comes a rising demand for professional head shots, or profile photos. A professional head shot can greatly improve your online credibility or the overall look of your web page.

Head shots have many applications including LinkedIn and other job sites, Facebook business pages, and websites. They can also be used as author profiles to accompany published articles, for aspiring actors and models – even for dating sites! Many clients find that their head shots can be used time and time again across multiple channels, making them an excellent return on investment. Our portrait sessions allow for a number of outfit changes to create different looks, and professional hair-styling and make-up is an optional extra.

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Image shows Lorraine Charlecrafte, Pitter Patter Photography.
Portrait of Lorraine Charlecrafte, Pitter Patter Photography