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Musician Portrait: Trumpeter Tom Saar

Musician portrait: trumpeter Tom Saar

One of the many joys in raising teenage girls is the teenage boys they bring into our lives. Prior to my daughters hitting their teens, the last time I’d encountered teenage boys to any great extent was when I was a teenage girl. And, let’s face it, that was a while ago. The rhetoric I’d heard …

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Self-doubt and the writer, and why you need a cheer squad.

self-doubt and the writer

This week, I had a moment of self-doubt. OK, it was more than a moment. It was an avalanche of crippling, all-consuming misgiving in my ability as a writer. It was so real to me that I was ready to hit the delete key on my entire manuscript. I’m not kidding. Writing a novel is …

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What to Wear for a Headshot Photo Shoot in 2019

What to wear for a headshot in 2018

Wondering what to wear for a headshot? What colours are most flattering? What kind of necklines are best? Patterned fabrics or plains? How to avoid looking heavy? Long sleeves or short?  What to wear for a photo shoot is the question I’m most often asked by my clients. Getting it right at the consultation stage …

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Why you need professional headshots | branding portraits.

Why you need professional headshots. Image of Melbourne author David Sornig

Whether you’re at the top of your game or just starting out, changing direction or shooting for bigger goals, your personal brand is critical to your success. To build your personal brand, you need professional headshots – also known as branding portraits. In the digital age, you are who Google says you are. If a …

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Branding Portraits | Author Profile Photos

Melbourne headshots photographer

Branding Portraits|Author profile Photos. David Sornig is a Melbourne-based author of fiction, memoir, essays and criticism. His first novel, Spiel, was published in 2009. He has been published in The Age, Griffith Review, Melbourne Review and Adelaide Review among others. David was a finalist in the Melbourne prize for Literature in 2015 with his essay Jubilee: …

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How to Write Killer Blog Posts

Woman sits at desk writing blog posts

Why you need to write killer blog posts. As a small-business owner, you’re told that web content is king – and it’s true! The benefits of blogging are too numerous to list in detail here, so I’ll save them for another post. In short, though, blogging drives traffic to your website, and helps covert web traffic …

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10 commonly misused and confused words

commonly misused and confused words

The English language is mind-boggling. There are so many words that either look alike, sound alike, or look and sound alike but have entirely different meanings. When used in the wrong context, editors sometimes refer to these words as ‘literals’ because, if they are literally spelled correctly, they fly under the radar of most spell checkers. Here is a …

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What are Branding Portraits?

Melbourne branding portraits photographer

Branding Portraits Case Study: Elizabeth Diacos | Melbourne Academic Coach. What are branding portraits, exactly? To have brand credibility as a professional or entrepreneur, you need a great personal brand. Your potential clients or employers will research you online before they approach you. And, like it or not, we are who Google says we are. With that in mind, …

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