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Melbourne content writer and photographer.

When it comes to building engagement with your customers, your story is the most powerful tool you possess. To bring it to life, we create written and visual web content that stands up and waves its hands in the air.

A picture tells a thousand words, it’s true. But to get a decent Google ranking you’ll need the words too. Big words, little words, fresh, juicy, irresistible words that make your readers want to dive right in. Words on your web pages, words on your blog, and words hidden in your image files to help drive search engines to your website.

Beautiful photographs might attract customers to your page, but sloppy copy will drive them away. A photograph that doesn’t match your branding will let down well-written copy. It’s a tricky business getting the words and images to tell a consistent story – your story.

Web content writing and photography

Melbourne copywriter and photographer Karen Quist of Lens and Pen Group

Through words and images, the Lens and Pen Group can help you build a story that is unique and authentic to you and your business. Importantly, we’ll tell your story in your voice, so it sounds like you on your best day. Lens and Pen offers a suite of web content services as fixed-price packages, because nobody likes surprises when it comes to billing.

You can choose writing-only packages to suit the size of your website and budget. Photography packages can be taken as stand-alone packages, or bundled with writing packages for cost-effectiveness.


Services include:

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“I was looking for a copywriter, and Karen was recommended to me by another photographer. I was concerned about how well she would understand my brief, but she nailed it! She was very easy to talk to, and quick to deliver my request. I posted her beautiful words to my page and had a huge response, with people contacting me for bookings overnight. I would definitely recommend Karen. She is worth the investment and you won’t be disappointed.”
˜ Melanie Kellerman
Photographer and Proprietor, Melanie Kellerman Photography  

Brands we have worked with.


Melbourne web content writing and photography Lens and Pen Group: brands we have worked with.